Raga Bop Trio ( 2010) 

Raga Bop Trio is a  project featuring Steve, guitarist Prasanna, and saxophonist George Brooks. The band is grounded in jazz, with its focus on groove, atmosphere, and harmonic adventure. It is also deeply rooted in the rhythmic and melodic traditions of Indian classical music.

Track Listing Composer  Time
1. Tug of War Prasanna 4:03 
2. Miss Oma George Brooks  4:48
3. Love and Hunger George Brooks   5:02
4. Ironically Prasanna 5:33
5. Garuda  Prasanna 5:15
6. Geometry of Rap  George Brooks, Prasanna, Steve Smith 4:28
7. Moonlanding  George Brooks, Prasanna, Steve Smith 7:24
8. Dubai Dance George Brooks 4:55
 9. Katyayini  Prasanna  5:20
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