Bristling with east meets west polytonality and rhythmic intrigue and tinged with a Trane-like spirituality… Blowing gorgeous tones and fluidly unraveling complex ideas…(Brooks) succeeds to a startling and almost rapturous degree.” SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN – Review on Lasting Impressions. 

what makes Summit so captivating is Brooks’ huge, wonderfully dense but pliable sound. Summit’s percussion section is a dream team featuring powerhouse jazz drummer Steve Smith and tabla master Zakir Hussain, A founding member of the seminal 1970s Indian/jazz fusion band Shakti with John McLaughlin, Hussain has been a major force in world music for a quarter century. “Sometimes you get the ideal mix, the best dish, the perfect mix of spices – I felt that way about Shakti and I feel that way about Summit,” Hussain said.” Andrew Gilbert San Diego Tribune

” A fascinating set…Exotically lyrical…gracefully bridges seemingly antithetical disciplines. “ Billboard Magazine – Critics Choice

“His compositions reflect the soul and character of Indian classical music, but open themselves to improvisation and the spontaneous spirit and a load of melodic spice make this album a divine treat.” – review on Summit:Spirit and Spice, by Jerry D’Souza. 

“Able to play in the tradition of Coltrane and Dexter Gordon one moment and with Terry Riley or Kronos Quartet the next Brooks is fast becoming a leading voice in the realm where jazz and north Indian improvisation meet.” SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN


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